What's in My Pouch 🍊


The obligatory pink bubble wrap pouch by Glossier. Can't live without them these days. They hold everything with the best part being that you can see through, no fumbling around for your lipgloss. Small and pretty investment, $12 for a set of 3 pink pouches

What's in my pouch via DNAMAG

THE HANDBOOK For Women Who Do Creative Work. My pocket bible, go-to for whenever I'm stuck on a task for a project. If I'm feeling anxious about a deadline. If I'm wondering why my workload feels lacking. A little guidebook with advice, how-to's and references that pertain to your creative goals. 

My mom brings back Fragonard perfumes whenever she travels from Paris. To her this scent is Paris. To me, it's an in case of emergency and it was the first thing I grabbed from my drawer. It's a sweet scent, not my first choice, but if you like a little dab of musk and sweetness, then this is for you. 

New obsession. ..... what I am loving about Juice Beauty's PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flash Luminizers is the 2 in 1 stick. These mini highlighters are lightweight and compact to fit even in my coat pocket. My face needs all the highlights it can get during these winter months. And I love that I have 2 colors for a day and night effect. So, the blush for workday meetings and then I apply the rose to the apples of my cheeks for after-work drinks. 

Lastly, I never travel without a Sharpie, and naturally a pink one. Don't forget about your Vitamin C intake! A cute little Clementine fits nicely in your pouch and it's full of anti-oxidants and did you know that the aromatic smell is an instant stress reliever? ðŸŠ

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