Now Playing: Sad Girl Autumn Playlist

by Breanna Washington


The ever so moody, Billie Eilish always on top of her game. Here with another ballad for her fellow sad girls out there. She makes it sound so beautiful to call someone out on their missed opportunities. She’s the top layer of sad girl autumn.

Joy Crookes

Joy Crookes and her jazzy, up-beat yet painfully relatable lyrics return for another season. She’s back and talking about heartbreak, love and confusing parts of life. Shaking off the hard layers of life and keeping a smile on her face is Joy’s style. 

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey just dropped another dream-like album called Norman F*****g Rockwell, with songs like Cinnamon girl (yum!). The pin-pointed top of my sad girl pyramid, the creator of cherry girl twitter, the oh-so-dreamy, sad, free spirit. The founding voice of it all adds yet another perfect song to our never ending fall playlists.


x Chloë Sevigny