How To Create More and Consume Less

Rowena Tsai is "just a human who has a lot of feelings and is cheering for you to be your best self." Rightfully so, that is the description of her ever popular and growing YouTube channel. I subscribe to her mentorship to keep my mind focused on goals, both professionally and mentally. Rowena tells things like it really is, not one to sugar coat any topics. Consider her the cousin you feel closest to who will always manage to let you know the real situation of things, while putting you at ease and offering full support in your endeavors. We all have that one cousin, right? 

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In this vlog "How to Create More and Consume Less" she motivates and inspires us on the constant struggle most creative people have; the need to create more. It proves that the process we each have to go through can feel immense, but realistically, all you need to do are two things; do what you love and to simply create for the sake of creating. Sounds easy, but why is it so hard to focus on the big picture? Or is the big picture the real distraction? 

My favorite takeaway that I have already inscribed in my bullet journal (section: 'quotes to live by') is by writer, designer, artist and podcaster, Debbie Millman"Do what you love and don't stop until you get what you love." A strong, true statement if you really have high hopes in achieving a dream or goal. The more you do what you love, the less time and energy is given to things that don't carry value or matter in the long run. Watch the full vlog below. And take some notes. 

How to create more and consume less ... by Rowena Tsai // DNAMAG

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