5 Summer Skincare Products ☀️

Products that we have used and highly recommend.

(Please note: combination skin, t-zone)  

Pearlessence / Micellar Cleansing Water Facial Wipes  

💦 It's a good quantity for the price, and it does what it is supposed to. Ultra-hydrating wipes that after a grueling day under the sun, takes off the grime and makeup. 

Dermalogica / Charcoal Rescue Mask    

🔆 It's like that saying, out with the old, in with the new. Very few masks invigorate your skin as promised, this one does. It's light, even small dabs take care of problem areas and leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and like new. 

MILK Makeup / Cooling Water     

🌵 Heatwave. No problem. It's a water cooler for your sweaty skin. Also works as a good primer, although I feel that it works better as a cooling stick because it wakes up your face. 

Kate Somerville / 'Clinic-to-Go' Resurfacing Peel Pads

🍐 If you lack the time or opportunity to visit Kate Somerville, these 16 pads spoils you just the same. Perfectly suited for summer traveling or however busy your lifestyle is, the gentle exfoliating peel leaves your skin feeing and looking refreshed. 

Clarins / Sunscreen Cream High Protection SPF 30

☀️ I try out new SPF sunscreens from time to time, but always end up going back to this one. Recently read somewhere that SPF tends to stop somewhere around 30 or 35, so spending extra money on and SPF 50 might be useless. I like how this goes on smoothly and it feels really luxurious, a hint of fragrance but not overwhelming. Unlike other sunscreens where after three hours you feel like you have to reapply, this keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day that I only apply in the morning.