Creative 101: 5 Places To Live If You're Creative 🌈

photo via Child Magazine

photo via Child Magazine

Who wouldn't want to live in New York City, sunny L.A., Paris and London? Their international airports are amongst the busiest in the world for a reason. Everyone is trying to get there. How about taking the path not taken? 

If you are lucky enough to have a creative career, visual stimulations, people watching, gallery hopping, food, coffee and nightlife are necessary pre-requisites to finding a permanent abode. And of course, there has to be hot spots that are Instagram and Snapchat worthy. Dare to be an expat?  The world is your creative oyster. 

photo credit: Invisible Horizons by Andreas Mass

photo credit: Invisible Horizons by Andreas Mass


The exotic city made famous by Wong Kar Wai in the 90's. In recent years, HK has been the birth of streetwear media, home to Hypebeast. Although most of streetwear roots come from Japan, it was the brainchild and sneaker obsession of Kevin Ma to give us the "New York Times" of all things streetwear. There's an emerging art district with actual gallery neighborhoods such as Wong Chuk Hang, home to the Spring Workshop. Let's not forget that Art Basel takes place here. 

photo via

photo via


Two words: Saint Heron. Followed by - Solange Knowles. New Orleans is named the #1 creative city to live in (according to this report). The birth town of jazz and its colorful landscapes, amazing history, lively people, culture, it's a city where you can create something real, artistic and innovating. New Orleans has such a rich and of course touching past, it's almost impossible not to be inspired by the streets and people you meet. 

photo from artist in Helsinki via TumblrΒ 

photo from artist in Helsinki via Tumblr 


Helsinki is well known for being a highly architectural city. (Hence the music group Architecture in Helsinki) It's old world meets modern vices, yet very in tune with nature. And almost everyone speaks English (ding ding ding). The Finns know what they like and that's excellent cuisine, an appreciation for the arts and as you've seen on Pinterest, a land of pastel architecture. 

photo via

photo via


Everyone is moving to Austin. I mean, everyone, including one of my good friends who packed up all 12 years in New York City and traded in his metro card for some really good bbq. He is also creative and ambitiously opened his own consulting firm specializing in, well creative brands. If you are an aspiring creative chef, move to Austin. If you're in a hot band, move to Austin. The city runs on live music. 

5 Places To Live If You're Creative πŸ’


In particular, Daikanyama has everything to offer a creative artist. Located in trendy Shibuya, it's an eye candy walk around of cool bookstores, cafes, juice shops and shopping. The artsy neighborhoods with modern-midcentury exteriors is inspiring. Basically, it's the West Village or Brooklyn of Tokyo, except they just do everything better in Daikanyama. Hipsters with moleskine journals and super thin MacBooks need apply. Must love craft coffee. 

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