Resolutions You Can Actually Use and Do

NYFW street-style ph: @alinevelter

Should old acquaintance be forgot? If only we could forget all the bad that occurred in 2017 and just hope for the best in 2018. As we cup our healing crystals in the palm of our hand, we believe it should be a magical year upon us. Frankly, we deserve it. Maybe this time though, we're going to have to put a little work into it. If there was ever a time in this world that we need to make changes and put forth our best efforts, let it be done in 2018. 

Resolutions and any kind of promises are easy to make, but difficult to follow through on. And then more often, coming up with a valid resolution isn't as simple as it seems. Make it personal, make it worth your while and let it be impactful. Click on the resolution that you feel best suits you to learn how to make it work. You can do it. 

To not give up so easily, and other resolutions for 2018. // DNAMAG
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Weekly digital detox and other resolutions for 2018 // DNAMAG
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Resolutions you can actually use and do in 2018 // DNAMAG
credits: opening image by Aline Velter, quotes by Cwote and my rescue dog @heyleroybrown